12kHz IF Output
for the FT817

Using a small mixer unit available from SAT-Schneider it is easy to endow the FT817 with a 12kHz IF output for DRM and SDR. No irreversible modification is necessary.
The mixer unit and a ceramic filter CFW 455 F are mounted on a small strip of pcb which is plugged into the place for the optional filter. The voltage supply is taken from one of the voltage regulators. And a thin cable goes from the 12kHz mixer output through the hole for the keyer plug at the rear panel to a phone jack which is fastened by one of the screws of the top cover. Thus no additional hole has to be drilled.
I use the following mode setting:
Menu #26 (DIG MODE): USER-U
Menu #24 (DIG DISP): 0
Menu #27 (DIG SHIFT): -1480