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CW-Decoder for Linux Console Terminals

This version is a pure terminal version of a morse decoder for linux. It reads the audio sound from the sound card and prints the decoded text in the terminal. Calling the program without any parameters lists some options.

The decoder uses the programs arecord and aplay which are in the usual distributions. But it does not use any special library or graphics, not even X.

You have to give execute permission to the downloaded decoder program: chmod u+x console-cwrx3-XXbit

Choose alsamixer or a similar program für adjusting the input volume. Choose the level such that without morse signs no letters are printed. Overload is indicated by red text letters.

The decoder tries to estimate the morse speed. To avoid the loss of synchronisation during qsb periods the speed can be frozen by pushing the space bar (the letters become yellow). ESC forces a speed reset to 100 characters/minute.